STAGE Zoning. Estimated construction start 2016. First moving in estimated in 2019
SCOPE 1,000 student and researcher apartments (50,000 sq.m.) and 17,000 sq.m. teaching facilities for Stockholm University and KTH.
CLIENT City of Stockholm/Svenska Bostäder. We are cooperating with two other architecture firms in our work with the teaching facilities.
AOR Anna-Paula Andersson, Ludmilla Larsson, Sören Eriksson
PROJECT MANAGER Alessandro M. Lucca, Pär-Olof Olofsson, Rikard Hedin, Åsa Sjöstrand
PARTICIPANTS Olle Gudmundsson, Mårten Danielsson

Albano Stockholm

New University area in the Royal National City Park

The City of Stockholm will build new teaching facilities and apartments for students and researchers in Albano at Stockholm University. This is a step in the development of ”Vetenskapsstaden” (”The Science City”). The aim is to create a teaching and research environment that will be a hub between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University, and Karolinska Institutet.
We have developed program, project and zoning proposals for the area. The whole project covers a gross area of 64,000 sq.m. apartments and a gross area of 100,000 sq.m. facilities. The work has been done in cooperation with the Department of City Planning, Susanna Stenfelt (project administrator), and Aleksander Wolodarski Arkitektkontor AB (in charge of the urban plan design and coordination of housing and landscape design).

High demands on design and analysis

We are in charge of the architectural coordination of the urban plan design, the teaching facilities, and the student and researcher apartments. We supply the basis for approximately 1 000 apartments (50 000 sq.m.) and 17 000 sq.m. teaching facilities. We also create the site plan and design program in cooperation with the Department of City Planning. Since the area is situated within the Royal National City Park, demands on the design are especially high. We are making continuous studies and analysis on the ecological connections, sightlines, and topography.

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