I have worked as an architect for 25 years and never had a boring day at work. The world, me, the society, the tools, the projects, clients, colleagues, and materials - everything is changing and constantly renewed. This fits me perfectly, I was born curious and love to solve problems.

At Brunnberg & Forshed I work as a project manager, mainly in housing projects. Often in the later stages, when projects are realized and made concrete. I also work with accessibility issues, both with reviewing projects, consulting, and training colleagues.

Architecture is art, technology, economy. But also anthropology and ethnology - we create environments for people's lives, around the clock. Will they be happy? Find a place to call home? Feel good? Care? Feel included? Will there be space for meetings and integrity? Everything must run smoothly, preferably. Well, it’s a good thing you’re curious and like to solve problems ...

Before I came to Brunnberg & Forshed I worked in a few different offices with property development, branding, and at the municipality of Täby.

I came to the office in 2000.

During my time at BoF I have worked with projects including:
• Linabergskajen, Linabergshöjden, Linabergs Allé, Annedal, Bromma. Housing, Skanska.
• Främlingsvägen, Midsommarkransen. Housing, Stockholmshem (Nominated for Stockholm Building of the Year Award and the Steel Construction Award)
• Block: Lowe, Sollentuna. Housing, NCC.
• Siklöjevägen, Tyresö. Housing, HSB.
• East Eklanda, Mölndal. Terraced houses and double houses, Skanska
• Tölö Meadows, Kungsbacka. Terraced houses and townhouses, Skanska.
• Elektroskandia, Sollentuna. Office and store, Skanska.

I was born and raised in Stockholm, but a generation back my roots are Skåne and Norrbotten. In my spare time I’m most likely to be found playing in one of Stockholm's amateur symphony orchestras.

I graduated in 1990 from KTH School of Architecture.

Anna-Kersti Palm

Architect SAR / MSA

+46-8-617 61 63
+46 72 580 07 05

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