I work as a participating architect, with projecting. During my time at the office I’ve participated in several different projects: housing, offices, sport hall, bus depot, school, and theater.

It’s fun to be a part and to influence the built environment and see your ideas realized.

Before I started at Brunnberg & Forshed I worked at a few different offices, with hospitals, with buildings for the defense department, and with renovating Million Programme districts.

I started at the office in 2000.

Projects I’ve worked with during my time at BoF include the neighbourhood block Ugglan in Sundbyberg (5 apartment houses along Bergaliden), the Fredriksdal Bus Depot, and the reconstruction of Vasateatern.

I studied at KTH, and received my degree in 1985.

In the 90’s I took a course in property management at KTH Haninge.

Reference project
Fredriksdal's bus depot
Ugglan, Sundbyberg

Annika Jönsson


Tel: +46-8-617 61 29

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