One can have a pragmatic approach to architecture. It may be ok, but you can also do more. What gets me going is when form and materiality, light and shadow, play together and form a whole that provides us with the kind of environments we all need to feel good. Even surprises must fit in the physical environments we create, as well as humour.

I have worked with small and large projects, from the earliest stages to carrying out projects. The projects have been very different: from restaurant decor and furniture design to large office buildings – from a screw-nut-scale to painting visions.

In my own private workshop I also work with clay, some painting, as well as graphic prints. Sometimes it can be nice to only meet your own requirements in the creative process.
I have worked at Brunnberg and Forshed since 2008. Before that I worked for larger and smaller offices, mostly in Sweden, but also in Norway.

Reference projects
Gamla Brandstationen, Järfälla
Skandias huvudkontor
Större kontorshus för en statlig myndighet i Solna

Björn Holm

Architect SAR/MSA

Tel: +46-8-617 61 62

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