Staffan Corp is an architect with a degree from KTH 1991. He grew up in Stockholm, except for a few years in Luleå.

Through the years the kind of commissions have varied a lot. Everything from housing and large office projects to interior design, concept design, and illustrations.

Staffan has been working on Brunnberg & Forshed since the year 2000. During his time at the firm he has worked with Sjöstadshallen, new headquarters for Skandia, and several extensive reconstruction commissions for Svenska Bostäder. Developing and making additions to Million Programme districts, emphasising qualities of that kind of housing, are also some of the challenges that Staffan has been working with.

Staffan became a partner in 2009 and since the winter 2014 / 2015 he is the CEO of Brunnberg & Forshed, after two years as COO.

Skandias nya huvudkontor
Svenska bostäder

Staffan Corp

Arkitekt SAR MSA, vd, delägare, styrelseledamot

Phone: +46-8-617 61 24, +46-70-627 61 24

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