I have worked with very different projects since I graduated from KTH. For many years I almost exclusively worked with hotels, often renovating both the houses and the interiors. Hotels are complex environments, and the interaction between concept, structure, logistics, details, and materials, is both enriching and necessary for a good result. Succeeding in creating a whole where every part works is what motivates me. And this is true in all kind of projects. I have been working at Brunnberg & Forshed since 2010 with some interior design, with Svensk Byggtjänst for example, and sometimes with complex renovation projects such as Vasateatern in Stockholm. I have also dealt with renovating offices, Formgivaren for example, and housing projects as Ektorget and Tjället. Working in different stages and various scales gives a broad competence and better architecture!

Reference projects
Svensk Byggtjänst

Gustav Cyrén

Architect MSA

Tel: +46-8-617 61 59, +46-70-811 81 90

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