Since I graduated from KTH Architecture in 2008, I have been employed at Brunnberg & Forshed.
I work as an architect involved in the early stages with a focus on housing and Urban Planning.
Two examples of projects I have been involved in are housing in Bromsten Industrial district where I worked with the zoning plan, and housing in Stora Sjöfallet, Norra Djurgårdstaden.

What motivates me is the pleasure of working with others in designing and shaping spaces and environments for life to take place.
I find it extremely pleasurable to design the layout for homes and I believe that beautiful houses makes people happier.
I am a positive and orderly aesthete who finds pleasure in making the best of any given situation.

I was born in Småland, raised in Luleå, and love Stockholm. I enjoy life and am amused by home furnishing and fixing my house in the archipelago.

Prior to KTH Architecture, I studied at Nyckelviksskolan, 2 years on Idun Lovéns art school in painting, and Performance Art at the Sweden-Finnish Folk High School in Haparanda.

Reference projects
Bromstens industriområde
Kv. Stora Sjöfallet, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Jennie Stefansson

Architect MSA

Tel: +46-8-617 61 36

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