I have been working as an architect for 35 years. The last 30 years at Brunnberg & Forshed.
I went from designing hospital and healthcare buildings to projecting housing, kindergartens, occupational training centers, and offices.
In the end of the 80’s I got new assignments. I started working with the Marabou project. I was the project manager for the manufacturing industry, the Daim factory, and the offices in Upplands Väsby. At the same time I was working on projects for Astra, where I acted as project manager for their new headquarters; a project containing both new construction and reconstructions.

A new challenge awaited me in the mid-90’s. I started doing preparatory zoning plan investigations, among others for Filmstaden Solna, Stora Mossen, and Solhem, where the projects led to built houses.
The last 15 years I have had the role as AOR. I have worked with many parallell commissions, from urban development projects to single blocks. Among others Bromsten Industrial District, Sigma Centrum (a 60’s neighbourhood in Upplands Väsby), and Säbyholm in Landskrona.

At the moment I am working with the preparatory investigations for a zoning plan for Dalarö Strand, a project where the parallell commission won us a zoning commission. Beautiful wood shingle houses that will soon be built in Ulvsunda. Additions and new construction of small, small apartments to solve the housing shortage.
I feel a strong commitment for the urban space, this is where I stay.

Diplomas and plaques: Local History Award from Kappsta Lidingö, Urban Development Award for Filmstaden Råsunda, ROT-award Sigma Upplands Väsby.

Marianne Ocklind

Architect SAR/MSA

Tel: +46-8-617 61 23

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