SKEDE Planskede
OMFATTNING 70 000m2 (befintligt och nytt)
MEDVERKANDE Alessandro M. Lucca (UA)

Quantum Innovation Park


Quantum Innovation Park offers you a stimulating, creative and harmonious environment in which to pursue your research, development and business-developing activities. The Park is being designed to get the best out of every individual by providing them with an interactive and multidisciplinary environment in which ingenuity, dedication and entrepreneurship can flourish.
The Park is being designed to reap the benefits offered by a community of creative and motivated people by encouraging people interaction in, for example, the central Square; the social and activity heart of the Park. Here formal and informal meetings will be held, conferences arranged, mingling effected in its restaurant and cafe, opportunities for relaxation and exercise provided and the activities of the Quantech Centre performed.
Quantum Innovation Park will feature the most intelligent systems offered by modern technology, the environmental-friendly features of our sustainable age and the high security required by modern working and living environments.

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